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In addition to the visualization and the AI layer, MetaFore uses EpocH which is our proprietary data analytics platform.

EpocH is a multi-tenant data analytics backend-as-a-service platform. Our SaaS edition is deployed on the MaFoi Cloud (Google Cloud Platform). With our Enterprise Edition, we offer the same software on-premise / on- private cloud. EpocH is a collection of Microservices which offer Data Collection, Data Analysis and Intelligence REST APIs out-of-the-box

Under the hood we use a variety a technologies. MongoDB is the primary datastore with an automatic sync for ElasticSearch. We provide adhoc integrations with other big-data technologies such as Redis, Spark etc. and expose custom APIs based on the use case.


Driven by a Micro Services Architecture

Architecturally EpocH can be visualized as a set of following micro-services

Core: This offers User Management, Data Collection and Data Analysis APIs

Data Integration: This provide readymade APIs for pulling data from other sources such as various RDBMS, Social media like Twitter etc and data ingestion APIs for loading Quantitative & Qualitative Research, Transaction data, Clickstream data etc into EpocH.

Intelligence: In this micro-service, we aggregate a variety of Machine Learning from third-party sources for eg. Google's Text, Speech and Vision APIs. Metafore uses a Metafore Query Language (MQL) to process the info requested by the user on Ask- Metafore and this uses the EpocH Intelligence APIs

BehaviorAnalytics: This provides the APIs for funnels, cohorts etc on user behaviour. This also provides segmentation and recommendation APIs.

Real time messaging: This microservice supports real time message push and notifications functionality.



Ma Foi Analytics is an Advanced Analytics Provider looking to combine the benefits of human data science practices with the speed and scale of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

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