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Once upon a time there was a big established business spread across multiple geographies and several strategic business units and myriad products & Services. 

One fine morning the CMO wanted the analyst on his team to present the top 5 business priorities for next year.



Yeah ? Seen that have you?

All of us have, so much so that we take this finiteness for granted



What if you could remove the boundaries on resources?




The MetaFore Advantage


Open Big Data  Architecture        | 

Continously evolving data adapters        | 

Continously expanding NLP & ML libraries        | 

Continously envolving use cases, by client verticals        | 

Extensive Support        | 

Loves biting down on humongous data

Fungible with all major DB technologies for both structured and unstructured data

Like any high IQ entity MetaFore is constantly getting smarter.

MetaFore is constantly ready to learn and solve new business problems that are vertical specific

Need help with anything?
We are there !
Almost everything you will used for tailoring use cases to
your organisation are already included in your packages.
For anything else, we have your coordinates



Ma Foi Analytics is an Advanced Analytics Provider looking to combine the benefits of human data science practices with the speed and scale of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

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